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Chloe’s Volunteer Trip to Fiji

Hello everyone! I have made this blog as an upkeep of my Volunteer trip to Fiji!

I have designed this blog to promote fundraising for my trip in the hopes I am able to fundraise the costs of volunteering in Fiji.

My name is Chloe Webster and I am going to Fiji in December through a program called Vesabroad. This program is designed for university students to travel overseas to a country that is third world. For this trip I have chosen Fiji. During this trip, I will be helping disadvantaged families and children to rebuild their homes and schools. Along with this, I will also be teaching the families how to talk English.

This trip is primarily to help make Fiji a safer places for children and families living in Fiji. In previous trips, volunteers have done things such as building a school, rebuilding homes and shelters as well as making bus stops so that children have a safe way to travel to school.

I would absolutely love to have this opportunity to make a real difference in these families lives. I feel the world really needs to help each other out, or we will all perish. I would love to help these people reach their full potential as well as having fun along the way. These people are not given the luxury of safe homes, or drinkable water. I would love to show them exactly what they are able to achieve when they put their mind to it, as well as learning their culture and expanding my experiences.

If you would like to get in contact with me, I have linked my Facebook page along with my email address for this trip.

I would love if you could spread the word about this trip as it would mean the absolute world to me to be able to help these people live their lives to their fullest.


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