Story Time!

Hi everyone, I have found this story about a Fijian family struggling with their day-to-day life. This has stood out to me and has made me that much more motivated for my trip. I have copied the story below, however I did not write this. I have included where I have gotten to article from along with a photo of the family.

Stories like this inspire me to help. The fact that these families are not given the luxury that we are of food, safe wood, a stable shelter and safe places to stay astounds me. I feel so terribly for these people and I just want to help them out in any way I possibly could.

This particular story inspires me, these people are trying their absolute hardest to ensure that their children are able to go to school and get the most out of their education. In Australia and many other countries this isn’t a privilege, this is our normal life. The fact that these people have to try so hard just to send their children to school is terrible and this scares me more than anything in the world. I appreciated my studies and generally loved the experience, and the fact that some children are missing out on such a thing really upsets me and makes me realise just how lucky I am.
Here is their story:

ALTHOUGH they struggle to provide their children with the best in life, the experience has taught the Lingam family to appreciate life and live within their means.

Yesterday, the family in Labasa, who has lived a life of poverty, was proud to share how they have managed in the midst of their struggles.

Despite the life of poverty, Anuma Lingam has managed to budget wisely to put her disabled grandchildren through school.

“We struggle in life but we are blessed to have the assistance of kind-hearted people and the special school in Labasa who helped us with uniforms and food.

“But with this assistance we have had to be wise and budget well because we provide the food for our children.

“Their father also goes around town asking for assistance so it is the wisdom God has given us that has helped us appreciate life and live within our means,” she said.

Mrs Lingam said her grandchildren Miriam, 20, and Daniel Lingam, 15, attend Labasa School for the Disabled. Miriam studies cookery and sewing whereas Daniel does joinery and carpentry.

Their mother Parmila Wati remained quiet during the interview which her mother-in-law attributed to her sickly nature.

“My son, Michael, who is their dad, is also sickly and is quite slow so I have been supporting them too through the social welfare assistance as well,” she said.


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Written by: Joanne Vaetiti


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